Professional location photographer creative reportage photography

fairytale 1

The landscape evoking emotion as a visceral response.

River 2

River 2 develops the idea of the natural world be form, not a literal interpretation of the scene but delivering another experience, a feeling rather than a scene. Presenting the world around us in ew ways is the job of the creative reportage photographer. As highlighted ours is not to see in creative reportage but to interpret. In river 2 the visceral feeling of the moment is forward, colour and texture describe the movement of the surface. Shadow and light describe the depth and form of the water.

The Awesome Pier

The Awesome pier is the first in a series of images that contain a message. As a creative photographer and reportage artist I see the beauty in the ordinary. Reportage photography is often about finding yourself in normal day to day life situation, in the ordinary But being able to see the extraordinary .