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Construction photography,

I am a highly experienced location photographer, working with people from all walks of life, in day-to-day situations and in varied working environments.

I specialise in getting pictures in situations that may not be easily controlled: factories, industrial and construction sites and offices, where I can build a portfolio of work and stand alone imagery from any scenario including editorial life, location, landscape and portraiture.

With many years of experience in the corporate construction and industrial sectors I deliver creative photography to my clients across the country.

My portfolio includes shoots on the London Underground for Tubelines, location work for Thames Water, Carillion, Hanson and Bovis  amongst others.

I am currently contracted to supply photography  to the The National Construction College where I manage projects that range from portraiture to location shoots over many weeks.

Niche skills

I am highly skilled at working on location with people from all walks of life, in day-to-day situations and in diverse environments.

My creative, editorial style has proven very popular with corporate and business clients for whom I create stand alone iconic photography and build portfolios of work for prospectuses, brochures, web and marketing collateral.

Working in a reportage style, or in a more structured way I capture the imagery as the action unfolds to create striking images that tell a story with the minimum of disruption and direction.

Pre visualization is one of the photographers greatest skills and with years of experience I know how to be in the right place at right time.

This way of working enables me to get the best out of any subject and to fulfill any brief, with or without art direction.


You can view my corporate and construction photography on my website by using this link:

I also work for clients in education and corporate training, you can view more of my work in this area by following this link: