Jan 30

Red Dot Portfolio

I have a new portfolio, the “Red Dot” folio. The gallery highlights the best of the best in current photography.

In the old days an Editor or Art Director would go through shoot highlighting the best images, creating a set from the commission. Eventually the set would be honed down so you had the story, the body of the work but a “Red Dot” image would need to be chosen, the single best image from the shoot, wether that be a change in expression, almightily different falling of the light or just a different crop, the image would be the best of the best, maybe the image was to eb used for the cover of the magazine or it was the final image to go to print in an Ad campaign. This new gallery is my Red dot gallery, full of the best of the best images from client commissions, personal projects and sometime s just my favourite one off images, take look here RED DOT.

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