Book covers

It never rains it pours as the saying goes and this week has started off with the publication of my work on the front cover of another book, in fact it has been used across Europe on a new book in a variety of languages. This image is another example of looking at the detail in the landscape and your surroundings. Shot during the winter this frost covered rose bloom has now been used in over 4 countries so far as the cover image for Paulus Hochgatterer’ novel (excuse my translation) “The Sweetness of life”.

Repetition #1

The start of a new Art project based on the idea of repetition in life and nature with a constant linear story through the image.

Autumn Landscape

Its always great to be out in the autumn, the light and shade are wonderful (when you get some sunlight that is). This Autumn Landscape is a stitched panorama, so 5 images were taken across the view and I used some software, “PtGui” to stitch the image together.

Jussi Adler-Olson book cover, creative photography

I have just had notification of the use of one of my images on the new novel by Jussi Adler Olson, Denmarks # 1 crime writer.